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1st Time in Mumbai - Introducing 'Glamping'


If you love the outdoors, but not everything that comes with it then Glamping is the way to go. Made from high quality water-resistant fabric, our tents are spacious and can accommodate upto 3 persons. Additionally, they are equipped with a queen size bed, table top fans, lights and most importantly - a charging point.


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Why should you #moonstonehammock

Our Story

In this story called life, we usually find ourselves clogged up with more than we can handle. The urbane madness can get overwhelming and often we find ourselves seeking a respite to decompress and relax. 

Believe it or not, but it can be world changing experience to drive just a few hours outside of the city, bunk in a tent, start a campfire and gaze up at the universe – all without costing you a fortune! 

Moonstone Hammock brings you a new wave in camping culture. We unearth lesser-known whereabouts tucked away in the outskirts of the city to help you disconnect from mediocrity and reconnect with nature and self. 

It's a quest to make every camping experience truly worthwhile.

So, embark on this journey with us, and discover the beauty and magic of the big outdoors yourself !

We have 2 seasons

October - May we have White Nights

June - September we have Sirimiri

We also have backpacking trips around the year

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On which dates is your campsite open?

Our campsite is open throughout the year whether its weekend or weekdays . We do not operate on days with rough weather.

Is the camp pet friendly ?

We love animals., but to avoid conflict or discomfort to other campers, we do not allow pets at the camp.

What meals are included ?

High tea, Limited BBQ, Dinner, Breakfast the next morning.