Moonstone Hammock Karjat offers the explorers a one-of-a-kind Glamping experience. Leaving behind the relentless honking of the Mumbai roads, here is where you can trade the urban cacophony for gentle symphony of the Ulhas river. Perfect for a weekend family getaway from Mumbai, the abode is arranged with wooden A-frame Cabins known as Forest cabins and French style windows built in just as perfectly to take in the serene views of the beautiful dusk and dawn, its not possible to miss the city’s clutches.

The Forest Cabin has modern-day interiors with a loft that speaks of comfort and luxury at the same time. A group of 5 can easily accommodate, making it perfect for a family outing and spending quality time. The wooden Cabins have an attached bathroom and an AC to keep you cool on hot days. It has a small porch to unwind to the tunes of the rawness, where you can clap in with your mates for an evening tea whilst watching the sweet sunset or choose to take an early morning stroll on the dewy grass spread. Embracing the rivers’ melodies gets surreal when you set off on a kayak, rowing all your worries away and being in constant company with the river.

wooden cabin in Karjat, Moonstone HammockWooden cabins in Karjat near MumbaiForest cabins at karjat near Mumbai

Other times, you could just lie on the pebbled banks as the river body lulls your soul. Karjat’s heart, though is beyond urban settings, the pleasant weather is perfect for an outdoor game. But the evenings are for the wooden Cabins, bonfires crackled and countless starlit conversations, jamming to the private karaoke sessions hinged with delicious cuisines from the Buddha Cafe.

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Time flies by here, as you leave, the river shall whisper to you to return back soon because the Cabin by the riverside is not just a retreat, its rediscovery of the peace that rests within guided by the rhythm of nature and the murmur of the gentle river.

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