Adventure Trail at Moonstone Hammock, Karjat

There’s nothing that can match a trekker’s spirit to uncover the lesser known whereabouts!

Be it the most challenging treks or the gratifying trails, it all calls for your hiking gear for brisk climbing and a hikker attitude. Keep in mind the dynamics of the group and make sure to never miss out on the breath-taking views from the top, that will make you feel on top of the world indeed.

Find your best way to recointer with the outdoors and let some adventure steer up your escapade in the most beautiful way.

Trails that will strengthen your spirit and take you closer to your roots; ie: nature, to your fitness and peace of mind is a definite add-on to your checklist 

Adventure Trail at KarjatKayaking at KarjatAdventure Trail at Karjat

Locations- Shelu Karjat

(Minimum 6 people)

*Price on request 

(Its an additional service after booking a stay, this doesn’t have a value independent of bookings)