What’s a getaway without an adrenaline rush and getting some muscles in action?! Here’s the perfect line up for you to leave your mainstream indoor games and hop on the wagon of fun outdoor games that will leave you competing with your friends and family! Test your point of focus with Rifle shooting, shoot your balance level up at the Burma bridge or put your agility on test at Commando Net. 

Sports is one of the major aspects of a healthy life so why not make it more rousing with activities to keep up with your cardiovascular fitness, give yourself the utmost ability of physical relaxation and choose your all-time sport to leave the city bustle behind 

Rifle Shooting

Rifle shooting Moonstone Hammock
Rifle shooting

Burma Bridge Moonstone Hammock Karjat

Burma Bridge

Flying Fox at Moonstone Hammock karjat

Flying Fox

Commando Net

Flying Fox at Moonstone Hammock karjat

Tyre Crossing 


Locations- Shelu Karjat

*Price on request 

(Its an additional service after booking a stay, this doesn’t have a value independent of bookings)