Date Night at Moonstone Hammock

“Couples who build date nights into their relationships experience better communication, greater affection and gratitude for the other, and a desire to spend more time together” This is what you will find on Google under “Date Night”. Our take is different, we believe any material things you buy for your loved one, can be bought in future too, there is something you can not give in future, i.e. your present, your time now.

Gift your time and make your special someone feel it’s just them in the world and capture this experience in your memory for a lifetime. This is what we want it to be. You can always make it fabulous and personal with a proposal, anniversary gift, your imagination…



Locations- Shelu Karjat, Awas Alibaug & Thakursai Pawna

*Price on request 

(Its an additional service after booking a stay, this doesn’t have a value independent of bookings)